Moderate Lefties Are Not Your Friends

This is an excellent example of how those on the Left are able to fool decent people with their seeming niceness.  The author writes with good intentions which is exactly the trap he was meant to fall into.  Read this article from the Unshackled.

Note how the author defends his friends on the ideological left from the charge of being a crazy leftist; how many times do you think his left leaning friends have defended him against unfair charges of being on the crazy right?  My money’s on zero.

The left is filled with crazies no doubt.  But there are others who seem nice and genuine.  Who may even debate you intelligently from time to time.  You can have a drink with them and talk about sport, the weather the latest in politics.  You can agree to disagree most of the time.

The job of these people is to put a nice face on the ugliness of Leftism.  To fool you into thinking that are rational reasons to be on the left.  These people are not interested in getting their hands dirty and performing any of the executions when the time comes.  In fact these guys are the wannabe leaders.

Nice Leftie at a young age; stylish and handsome:-

Same leftie, many years later and with tens of millions killed on his watch…….still able to smile about it all:-

Below is the comment I posted in response to this article:-

I have to take issue with one aspect of your post and it is a position that took me many years to reconcile.

“To be clear, I know many people who are ideologically on the left and who are incredibly tolerant of conservative, centrist, and libertarian points of view. These people are just on the left, and should not be confused with the “leftists” who will scream down any ideological opposition”

I too had friends on the ideological left who never engaged in the vicious tactics that some of their allies do. Yet I never noticed them pushing back against it either. I never saw them defend conservatives of all stripes from the charges laid against them by leftists and leftist entities such as the mainstream media.

These people are actually worse; they understand exactly what is going on. They want to retain the moral high ground….yet they know the charges laid against ordinary people are false. Yet they do nothing to defend good people.

They want to be your friend…..but are happy to retain the tactical advantage gained by you constantly having to defend yourself against false attacks. They are very much false friends.

If you have people like this in your life I suggest you confront them with a few such like points and see what kind of reaction you get.

These kind of people are actually the enablers of the far left. They want to seem pure and moral and good people. They want to appear above the fray. The far left are just the shock troops; for example they never have a bad word to say about groups like antifa. They fool you with their seeming niceness.

Just remember an intelligent person could not possibly look at the history of the left and imagine anything good has come of leftist ideology. Even the seeming nice people on the left you know are really just chasing power by another tactic. They’re happy that you will entertain them from time to time but they will never defend you.

Anyway, this is my first comment on the unshackled site; I love the work that you do.

I’m somewhat passionate on this topic as I decided to confront of a few of these kinds of people in my life recently and the results were very informing. Trust me when I say these people are not your friends and I invite you to test if your friendships are real. Prove me wrong.


I’m Angry Too Mr Assistant Commissioner

The road death toll in NSW this season has brought great tut-tutting from the Assistant Commissioner.  They are really angry about at the road death toll.

“Three people look like they’ve been incinerated and we have two very, very critically injured people,” he told reporters in Sydney.

“If that doesn’t send a message out about driving behaviour on our roads in NSW over this Christmas period nothing will,” he added, pleading with motorists to drive safely.

“We have gone from disappointed to being angry and that’s an understatement,” Asst. Commissioner Corboy said.

“It has actually strengthened our resolve and we will be putting in place more and more police officers from now until the end of the year.”

Now lets look at the most public of those tragic accidents caused by a driver who drifted onto the wrong side of the road.  One might ask the Assistant Commissioner to explain why this man was not in jail?  Why was he not banned from driving for life?  Why was he allowed back on P plates?  Might the road toll have anything to do with such lenient treatment of such repeat offenders?

FOUR jail sentences over traffic ­offences, one nine-year driving ban and at least 10 convictions for driving while disqualified — yet the man at the centre of the Boxing Day horror crash which killed four people, including himself, was allowed back behind a wheel.

When Craig Whitall fatally smashed his Toyota Prado four-wheel-drive into the Falkholt family’s car on his way home from a methadone clinic, the 50-year-old had been declared an habitual traffic offender by the courts with more than 60 convictions to his name.

Whitall had another nine convictions for driving without a licence — four of them in the one month.  Twice in just two days in 1998 he was caught driving without a licence.  He was so well known to police in Ulladulla that they easily recognised him behind the wheel while flag­rantly disregarding the traffic orders against him.

But page after page of his criminal record shows the former drug addict was somehow behind the wheel ­despite having racked up over 60 traffic convictions. He had been banned for the whole nine years ­between July 2004 to July 2013.

Read the article in it’s entirety, there’s more.  Yet despite all of this the driver got his licence back in December 2016.

Dare I mention the propensity for foreign immigrants not to even need to take an Australian drivers licence test.  I know several people who bought their licences overseas and have never taken a driving test anywhere suddenly driving around the streets of Australia.

And you wonder why the road toll is so bad?  You wonder why the incompetence level of drivers compared to 10 or even 20 years has increased?

“The NSW Government shares the concerns of the community following the horror crash on Boxing Day,” the spokesman said.

“We will continue to do everything we can to keep our roads safe, including any recommendations from the coroner’s report into the crash.”

In other words, we will continue to tut tut Australians for falling victim to our governments policies and policing methods.  We have no intention of fixing the problem but will throw more resources into fining Australians at every possible opportunity.

Yes….I am so angry and I wish I could trust you to be serious about solving this problem.  Here is a clear example when one of the drivers should have been in prison.  But he wasn’t and now a family of four have paid the ultimate price through no fault of their own.

I expect to hear more lecturing and hectoring of us while governments and police continue to dodge any responsibility for such tragic accidents.  I am very angry.


Park Life In Australia Today

In a very small, rarely used park in a leafy suburb……fun has been banned completely….

…..and truly the stupid of us all actually require the following kind of warnings:-

  • Branches fall on your head.
  • Birds swoop on you.
  • Trees fall down.
  • You might slip over.
  • You might trip.
  • You might walk on uneven ground.
  • Snakes and spiders live here.
  • The park bench gets very hot…particularly on hot days.
  • The see saw goes up and down.
  • You may drown…or sink into the mud in wet weather.
  • You may be hit in the head by a cricket ball.
  • Be especially careful of bumping into other people or cyclists.

Please also be aware that your orders to obey the local council also confirm that the following items are prohibited:-

  • No Model Aeroplanes (which would be madness to try in this park – too many tall trees)
  • No Motorbikes
  • No Littering (ok, fair enough)
  • No Cars
  • No Smoking
  • No Dogs
  • No Horses
  • No Tents
  • No Campfires
  • No Golf
  • No Pooping

No expense was spared in preparing and installing this sign…..which no doubt was erected in every park in the shire.  Could we just let people use the parks and work out any differences among themselves please????  The nanny state is spending far too much time on this stuff.

Spend Money on Me

The recent controversy surrounding the NSW Governments determination to waste public monies by first knocking down and then rebuilding Sydney’s sporting stadiums is slightly old news by now.  A decision has not been made publically……which means the decision has been made and they await the least bad time to release the official news.

But complete disregard for the public purse is not just limited to politicians and are naturally by that other class of parasites known as sports journalists.

Do you watch sport? Do you attend these stadiums? Do you sit with the punters in general admission?

Yes, yes and yes.

Do you wait 20 minutes in a food or beer line at Allianz that snakes through a narrow concourse like an out-of-control conga line, and then later stand at the trough in a men’s bathroom that reeks of piss?

Not ideal but your discomfort is not worth several billions of dollars.

Or, if you are a woman, do you line-up outside the bathroom, in another conga line, among the throng of people on the same narrow concourse, waiting for a vacant stall?

Women always line up for the bathroom.  Build an entire stadium of women’s bathrooms and they’ll still end up queuing to get in.

Do you spend most of the time watching the massive screens because the slope of the seating is so inappropriate for rugby league, union and football?

Perhaps they were careless with the initial build.  But given every child in school today has an accumulated debt of $90,000 before they have begun to earn any money I suddenly don’t give a rats about the slope in your seat.  Many children are years away from earning a living to begin to pay the taxes that have already been spent.  Morally speaking can we not spend a little money on reducing this burden before we begin the needless task of tearing down and rebuilding sports stadiums in exactly the same spot as where they are right now.

The most annoying, simplistic argument against these new stadiums is the cost.  

Because spending other people’s money is never a problem.

Waste of money! Priorities! No stadiums until we get more baby incubators and less demountable classrooms!  If we follow that logic, we can forget about the $1.5 billion relocation of the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta, the $344 million Sydney Modern extension of the art gallery and the $200 million refurb of the Sydney Opera House.

Look I think I can agree with you there.  The Arts are not more important than sport.  In fact I would argue the future of children who have done nothing to deserve the debt that has been accumulated in their name are far more important than both the Arts and Sport combined.  Scrap all funding for the Arts as well as for Sport.

Why not do something now, while the NSW Government is in surplus and cashed-up, to build something that will last decades instead of band-aiding something that will need to be torn down in a few years?

Lefties……there’s a surplus…..we must spend, spend, spend.  But don’t spend it on roads and infrastructure.  Spend it on me and my sporting stadiums so my comfort level can be improved.


The purpose of getting a surplus is to have some money the tank for more difficult years.  How about reducing stamp duty?  Road taxes?  Something, anything – give young people a fighting chance please.

Building assessments of Allianz insist it needs $360 million spent on it in the next four years just to keep it open because of safety and compliance issues — people just scoff and say that’s been made-up.

Which brings up the old Health and safety chestnut that has become the bane of Australia and the developed world.  Relax regulations, make it clear individuals own their own and this figure can be greatly reduced.  Else we have to stop building state of the art stadiums.  If building luxurious sporting temples is going to create such ongoing financial burdens then any rebuilds should have their facilities stripped down to the bone.

Suggest big sporting events drag in hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy each year — and its just laughed away.

Yes they do….and we already have stadiums for those sporting events….and people already use them.  Why does everyone else need to pay for your comforts?

I can’t stand the utter selfishness of it all.  Australia is just one financial crisis away from fiscal oblivion.  Heck, Australia is almost there now.

The kind of waste involved with spending astronomical amounts of money on sporting stadiums is criminal and I long for the day such people will be held to account.  I’d pay good money to see that stadium or no stadium.

Women Playing Masculine Sports

This news is already slightly old but why on earth would anyone be interested in watching womens rugby union….ever.  Come to think of it why would anyone watch womens cricket, afl, rugby league, soccer and the list goes on ad nauseum.

Focusing just on rugby though, aside from the fact it is one of the most boring sports on the planet, rugby is played by a lot of very big, very powerful men.  Strength and power is a key component of the game.  Does anyone seriously wish to watch women play in a game which requires a great deal of strength and aggression?

Women cannot do everything a man can do….and expect to do it well.  Women playing sports that require physical aggression and strength to are pretending very badly to be men. They deserved to be laughed at if they choose to participate in highly promoted events like this.

This current drive by the main sporting competitions to elevate the female versions of their competitions is really quite insulting to women and is a form of pandering at its absolute worst.

Women’s competition in mainstream mens sports is not like watching the second division that contains a smattering of players who could make top grade. Womens completion is not the second best thing going around  These women may be the best female players in the country but they would struggle to beat a schoolboy side.  Why on earth would I want to watch crummy, crappy players running around a football field pretending that they are elite athletes.

More to the point why is so important to the major sporting codes in Australia to suddenly embarrass these women in portraying themselves in such spectacles.  And if womens sport is so great why does it need to be funded and paid for by the associated mens competitions.

Even when marketing these matches they have picked the best looking attractive blonde woman they could find to front the marketing.  Even when they are trying to promote a world cup for women they are still using the best example of female beauty to do so.  Are women not insulted by this?  Does being pandered to bother women?

The approach taken by the promoters is far more demeaning than my denunciation of their competition.  I would far rather watch women perform in elite activites in which they genuinely excel. Women are great at many things that men are not.  Women for the most part bring grace and beauty to society.  It is not sexist or demeaning to say this.  Women are far more attractive and graceful than men.

When I watch elite sport I want to watch the best of the best.  Sorry that means with most sports watching men play. When I watch women I want to watch beauty and grace.  Play cricket, afl, rugby if you must girls but please don’t pretend that you are worthy of being paid for it if your game does not draw in the crowds and sponsorships to pay for it all.

Create a competition independent of the mens competitons; promote it, sell it, make it on your own and I shall respect it even as I exercise my right not to watch it. If you can be successful on your own merits I will even applaud you. But latch onto and be funded by the mens competitions and demand that I respect and admire you as great athletes?  Well I’m afraid you going to be most sorely mistaken.

My message; be great at what you are great at.  That is all.  You have no need to copy men.  Just be great at what you are great at.

What the Bloody Hell Happened……

Leftists took over and dominated the culture.  The voice of the sensible, the intelligent, the informed have been slowly eroded over the years until the current tipping point has been reached and the parasitic classes; politicians, legal types, media, arts and the education establishment; now thoroughly dominate the discourse.

The continual decline of education over several generations however is the absolute killer blow in the culture wars that were only ever fought by leftists.  We have reached peak dum where the most uneducated and least likely to accomplish anything in life are miseducating those force to attend their classes.  It’s not their fault; they themselves were miseducated however the trend over the years had been ever increasing levels of miseducation.

The left have been inflicting trauma on the young for the sake of political power.  A sure sign of trauma is the inability to have a reasoned debate where two parties can exchange views without triggering emotional reactions.

So here we are; we now live in a world where the Left has become the establishment; yet the miseducation and cognitive dissonance is so bad that Leftists continue to imagine that they are the minority and are still locked in perpetual warfare against the man.  They still have not realised they have become the man and the people they fight are the ones who would save them; the only remaining sane, sensible individuals who wonder if its worth all the hassle.

Because whilst the left has effectively dominated the culture for the last 30 years they have lost so thoroughly in the realm of ideas they dare not have a factual debate.  Leftism wherever it has been tried has not just failed……but failed spectacularly.  In non Westernized countries this failure typically resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people; the true count is too horrifying to contemplate.

In Western countries leftism has resulted in a slow decline, mainly because for every period of governance by the left; a period of non-left government has slowed that decline….occasionally reversed it temporarily….but generally has never quite managed to stop it entirely.

There is no doubt leftist ideas are deader than the dodo.  However the zombies of the left still hunger for power so can never admit their failure.  Anyone who does so is instantly devoured by the other zombies around them.

What is also interesting is that the Left is now starting to lose their grip on the culture.  In fact what we are seeing is the early stages of a complete reversal in the culture wars.  The Right is now taking back the culture one mouthful of the elephant at a time….and the Left is panicking.

The Left no longer knows how to debate so they are continuing to apply the same smear tactics that have worked for the past 30 years.  To their horror; calling someone a racist, sexist, homophobe is no longer winning them the argument.

Those of us at the birth of this cultural swing back to sanity do not care, do not explain and get on with our lives and are greatly enjoying the discomfort of those on the Left.  In fact those tactics are boomeranging back onto the Left.

Suffice to say the Left has lost the culture.  It is swinging back to normality and sanity as each day the media parasite class reveals itself completely out of touch of mainstream Australia.

However, Leftists still hold a great deal of power.  We know they will not go down without a fight….and we know they would rather rules over the ruins of a nation than for every man, woman & child to prosper.

The Left has lost.  It is now a question of whether they take us all down with them.  That is the only danger remaining in the country.  Leftists are so desperate to cling to power that they will create any wedge, break any law, destroy the country even if it just means that they get to hold onto the reigns of power for a day longer.

The current trends are not good.  If I were a betting man I do not believe that this country will be saved from leftism.  Does that mean victory for leftists?  Hardly.  When leftism wins the day what usually happens is that everyone (left or right) loses excepting for the small clique of leaders that hold power and pretend to represent the masses.

Most of those leftists hurling abuse, calling people names, being triggered by imaginary offensive terms and protesting normal people are destined to be the biggest losers if the Left wins permanent power.  Leftist ideology has always been a trick played on the masses by a small clique of wannabee leaders.

I intend to play my part doing what one person can to save the country, spread some sane ideas, and if nothing else can be done to at least leave a personal record of one person’s experience of the decline of one of the great nations in world history.

I intend to fully enjoy the discomfort that the leftist parasite classes are experiencing as they fail to understand that their cultural grip has gone forever.  I will also enjoy the discomfort experienced by the useful idiots of the left whose inability to think has left them only with triggered emotions.

In the end so few people will really understand what the bloody hell happened.  For most people will scratch their heads in bewilderment that the perpetual leftist revolution failed again as they murmur to each other under cover of darkness:- what the bloody hell happened?