Moderate Lefties Are Not Your Friends

This is an excellent example of how those on the Left are able to fool decent people with their seeming niceness.  The author writes with good intentions which is exactly the trap he was meant to fall into.  Read this article from the Unshackled.

Note how the author defends his friends on the ideological left from the charge of being a crazy leftist; how many times do you think his left leaning friends have defended him against unfair charges of being on the crazy right?  My money’s on zero.

The left is filled with crazies no doubt.  But there are others who seem nice and genuine.  Who may even debate you intelligently from time to time.  You can have a drink with them and talk about sport, the weather the latest in politics.  You can agree to disagree most of the time.

The job of these people is to put a nice face on the ugliness of Leftism.  To fool you into thinking that are rational reasons to be on the left.  These people are not interested in getting their hands dirty and performing any of the executions when the time comes.  In fact these guys are the wannabe leaders.

Nice Leftie at a young age; stylish and handsome:-

Same leftie, many years later and with tens of millions killed on his watch…….still able to smile about it all:-

Below is the comment I posted in response to this article:-

I have to take issue with one aspect of your post and it is a position that took me many years to reconcile.

“To be clear, I know many people who are ideologically on the left and who are incredibly tolerant of conservative, centrist, and libertarian points of view. These people are just on the left, and should not be confused with the “leftists” who will scream down any ideological opposition”

I too had friends on the ideological left who never engaged in the vicious tactics that some of their allies do. Yet I never noticed them pushing back against it either. I never saw them defend conservatives of all stripes from the charges laid against them by leftists and leftist entities such as the mainstream media.

These people are actually worse; they understand exactly what is going on. They want to retain the moral high ground….yet they know the charges laid against ordinary people are false. Yet they do nothing to defend good people.

They want to be your friend…..but are happy to retain the tactical advantage gained by you constantly having to defend yourself against false attacks. They are very much false friends.

If you have people like this in your life I suggest you confront them with a few such like points and see what kind of reaction you get.

These kind of people are actually the enablers of the far left. They want to seem pure and moral and good people. They want to appear above the fray. The far left are just the shock troops; for example they never have a bad word to say about groups like antifa. They fool you with their seeming niceness.

Just remember an intelligent person could not possibly look at the history of the left and imagine anything good has come of leftist ideology. Even the seeming nice people on the left you know are really just chasing power by another tactic. They’re happy that you will entertain them from time to time but they will never defend you.

Anyway, this is my first comment on the unshackled site; I love the work that you do.

I’m somewhat passionate on this topic as I decided to confront of a few of these kinds of people in my life recently and the results were very informing. Trust me when I say these people are not your friends and I invite you to test if your friendships are real. Prove me wrong.