Park Life In Australia Today

In a very small, rarely used park in a leafy suburb……fun has been banned completely….

…..and truly the stupid of us all actually require the following kind of warnings:-

  • Branches fall on your head.
  • Birds swoop on you.
  • Trees fall down.
  • You might slip over.
  • You might trip.
  • You might walk on uneven ground.
  • Snakes and spiders live here.
  • The park bench gets very hot…particularly on hot days.
  • The see saw goes up and down.
  • You may drown…or sink into the mud in wet weather.
  • You may be hit in the head by a cricket ball.
  • Be especially careful of bumping into other people or cyclists.

Please also be aware that your orders to obey the local council also confirm that the following items are prohibited:-

  • No Model Aeroplanes (which would be madness to try in this park – too many tall trees)
  • No Motorbikes
  • No Littering (ok, fair enough)
  • No Cars
  • No Smoking
  • No Dogs
  • No Horses
  • No Tents
  • No Campfires
  • No Golf
  • No Pooping

No expense was spared in preparing and installing this sign…..which no doubt was erected in every park in the shire.  Could we just let people use the parks and work out any differences among themselves please????  The nanny state is spending far too much time on this stuff.