I’m Angry Too Mr Assistant Commissioner

The road death toll in NSW this season has brought great tut-tutting from the Assistant Commissioner.  They are really angry about at the road death toll.

“Three people look like they’ve been incinerated and we have two very, very critically injured people,” he told reporters in Sydney.

“If that doesn’t send a message out about driving behaviour on our roads in NSW over this Christmas period nothing will,” he added, pleading with motorists to drive safely.

“We have gone from disappointed to being angry and that’s an understatement,” Asst. Commissioner Corboy said.

“It has actually strengthened our resolve and we will be putting in place more and more police officers from now until the end of the year.”

Now lets look at the most public of those tragic accidents caused by a driver who drifted onto the wrong side of the road.  One might ask the Assistant Commissioner to explain why this man was not in jail?  Why was he not banned from driving for life?  Why was he allowed back on P plates?  Might the road toll have anything to do with such lenient treatment of such repeat offenders?

FOUR jail sentences over traffic ­offences, one nine-year driving ban and at least 10 convictions for driving while disqualified — yet the man at the centre of the Boxing Day horror crash which killed four people, including himself, was allowed back behind a wheel.

When Craig Whitall fatally smashed his Toyota Prado four-wheel-drive into the Falkholt family’s car on his way home from a methadone clinic, the 50-year-old had been declared an habitual traffic offender by the courts with more than 60 convictions to his name.

Whitall had another nine convictions for driving without a licence — four of them in the one month.  Twice in just two days in 1998 he was caught driving without a licence.  He was so well known to police in Ulladulla that they easily recognised him behind the wheel while flag­rantly disregarding the traffic orders against him.

But page after page of his criminal record shows the former drug addict was somehow behind the wheel ­despite having racked up over 60 traffic convictions. He had been banned for the whole nine years ­between July 2004 to July 2013.

Read the article in it’s entirety, there’s more.  Yet despite all of this the driver got his licence back in December 2016.

Dare I mention the propensity for foreign immigrants not to even need to take an Australian drivers licence test.  I know several people who bought their licences overseas and have never taken a driving test anywhere suddenly driving around the streets of Australia.

And you wonder why the road toll is so bad?  You wonder why the incompetence level of drivers compared to 10 or even 20 years has increased?

“The NSW Government shares the concerns of the community following the horror crash on Boxing Day,” the spokesman said.

“We will continue to do everything we can to keep our roads safe, including any recommendations from the coroner’s report into the crash.”

In other words, we will continue to tut tut Australians for falling victim to our governments policies and policing methods.  We have no intention of fixing the problem but will throw more resources into fining Australians at every possible opportunity.

Yes….I am so angry and I wish I could trust you to be serious about solving this problem.  Here is a clear example when one of the drivers should have been in prison.  But he wasn’t and now a family of four have paid the ultimate price through no fault of their own.

I expect to hear more lecturing and hectoring of us while governments and police continue to dodge any responsibility for such tragic accidents.  I am very angry.