Women Playing Masculine Sports

This news is already slightly old but why on earth would anyone be interested in watching womens rugby union….ever.  Come to think of it why would anyone watch womens cricket, afl, rugby league, soccer and the list goes on ad nauseum.

Focusing just on rugby though, aside from the fact it is one of the most boring sports on the planet, rugby is played by a lot of very big, very powerful men.  Strength and power is a key component of the game.  Does anyone seriously wish to watch women play in a game which requires a great deal of strength and aggression?

Women cannot do everything a man can do….and expect to do it well.  Women playing sports that require physical aggression and strength to are pretending very badly to be men. They deserved to be laughed at if they choose to participate in highly promoted events like this.

This current drive by the main sporting competitions to elevate the female versions of their competitions is really quite insulting to women and is a form of pandering at its absolute worst.

Women’s competition in mainstream mens sports is not like watching the second division that contains a smattering of players who could make top grade. Womens completion is not the second best thing going around  These women may be the best female players in the country but they would struggle to beat a schoolboy side.  Why on earth would I want to watch crummy, crappy players running around a football field pretending that they are elite athletes.

More to the point why is so important to the major sporting codes in Australia to suddenly embarrass these women in portraying themselves in such spectacles.  And if womens sport is so great why does it need to be funded and paid for by the associated mens competitions.

Even when marketing these matches they have picked the best looking attractive blonde woman they could find to front the marketing.  Even when they are trying to promote a world cup for women they are still using the best example of female beauty to do so.  Are women not insulted by this?  Does being pandered to bother women?

The approach taken by the promoters is far more demeaning than my denunciation of their competition.  I would far rather watch women perform in elite activites in which they genuinely excel. Women are great at many things that men are not.  Women for the most part bring grace and beauty to society.  It is not sexist or demeaning to say this.  Women are far more attractive and graceful than men.

When I watch elite sport I want to watch the best of the best.  Sorry that means with most sports watching men play. When I watch women I want to watch beauty and grace.  Play cricket, afl, rugby if you must girls but please don’t pretend that you are worthy of being paid for it if your game does not draw in the crowds and sponsorships to pay for it all.

Create a competition independent of the mens competitons; promote it, sell it, make it on your own and I shall respect it even as I exercise my right not to watch it. If you can be successful on your own merits I will even applaud you. But latch onto and be funded by the mens competitions and demand that I respect and admire you as great athletes?  Well I’m afraid you going to be most sorely mistaken.

My message; be great at what you are great at.  That is all.  You have no need to copy men.  Just be great at what you are great at.