Spend Money on Me

The recent controversy surrounding the NSW Governments determination to waste public monies by first knocking down and then rebuilding Sydney’s sporting stadiums is slightly old news by now.  A decision has not been made publically……which means the decision has been made and they await the least bad time to release the official news.

But complete disregard for the public purse is not just limited to politicians and are naturally by that other class of parasites known as sports journalists.

Do you watch sport? Do you attend these stadiums? Do you sit with the punters in general admission?

Yes, yes and yes.

Do you wait 20 minutes in a food or beer line at Allianz that snakes through a narrow concourse like an out-of-control conga line, and then later stand at the trough in a men’s bathroom that reeks of piss?

Not ideal but your discomfort is not worth several billions of dollars.

Or, if you are a woman, do you line-up outside the bathroom, in another conga line, among the throng of people on the same narrow concourse, waiting for a vacant stall?

Women always line up for the bathroom.  Build an entire stadium of women’s bathrooms and they’ll still end up queuing to get in.

Do you spend most of the time watching the massive screens because the slope of the seating is so inappropriate for rugby league, union and football?

Perhaps they were careless with the initial build.  But given every child in school today has an accumulated debt of $90,000 before they have begun to earn any money I suddenly don’t give a rats about the slope in your seat.  Many children are years away from earning a living to begin to pay the taxes that have already been spent.  Morally speaking can we not spend a little money on reducing this burden before we begin the needless task of tearing down and rebuilding sports stadiums in exactly the same spot as where they are right now.

The most annoying, simplistic argument against these new stadiums is the cost.  

Because spending other people’s money is never a problem.

Waste of money! Priorities! No stadiums until we get more baby incubators and less demountable classrooms!  If we follow that logic, we can forget about the $1.5 billion relocation of the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta, the $344 million Sydney Modern extension of the art gallery and the $200 million refurb of the Sydney Opera House.

Look I think I can agree with you there.  The Arts are not more important than sport.  In fact I would argue the future of children who have done nothing to deserve the debt that has been accumulated in their name are far more important than both the Arts and Sport combined.  Scrap all funding for the Arts as well as for Sport.

Why not do something now, while the NSW Government is in surplus and cashed-up, to build something that will last decades instead of band-aiding something that will need to be torn down in a few years?

Lefties……there’s a surplus…..we must spend, spend, spend.  But don’t spend it on roads and infrastructure.  Spend it on me and my sporting stadiums so my comfort level can be improved.


The purpose of getting a surplus is to have some money the tank for more difficult years.  How about reducing stamp duty?  Road taxes?  Something, anything – give young people a fighting chance please.

Building assessments of Allianz insist it needs $360 million spent on it in the next four years just to keep it open because of safety and compliance issues — people just scoff and say that’s been made-up.

Which brings up the old Health and safety chestnut that has become the bane of Australia and the developed world.  Relax regulations, make it clear individuals own their own and this figure can be greatly reduced.  Else we have to stop building state of the art stadiums.  If building luxurious sporting temples is going to create such ongoing financial burdens then any rebuilds should have their facilities stripped down to the bone.

Suggest big sporting events drag in hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy each year — and its just laughed away.

Yes they do….and we already have stadiums for those sporting events….and people already use them.  Why does everyone else need to pay for your comforts?

I can’t stand the utter selfishness of it all.  Australia is just one financial crisis away from fiscal oblivion.  Heck, Australia is almost there now.

The kind of waste involved with spending astronomical amounts of money on sporting stadiums is criminal and I long for the day such people will be held to account.  I’d pay good money to see that stadium or no stadium.